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Your donation can have a direct impact on people’s lives. Drugs, alcohol and gambling addictions have a devastating impact on the lives of those living with addiction, and the lives of their families. With your support, we can give clients the treatment they need, and families the right support, as our clients create a new life.

To continue offering its valuable services, Foundation House relies heavily on generous charitable contributions from individuals and organisations.
Your donation will go towards relapse prevention programs, library books, beds and rehab programs and even contribute to building a detox centre.
Your donation makes a real difference to Foundation House.

Catherine, Foundation House graduate
Meet Catherine, a Foundation House Graduate. Catherine spoke to us so she could share her journey at Foundation House in the hopes it will help others.

“Before I came into Foundation House, my life was a mess. I’d hit rock bottom for the thousandth time, the bar was getting lower and lower, and I was becoming someone I didn’t want to become.”

“The moment I walked through the gate, I felt like I was in the right place. I was pleasantly surprised, after coming into Foundation House, that I was actually able to manage life on life’s terms. One day at a time, I’ve stayed clean for over six months and my life is amazing, just amazing now.”

Andrew, Foundation House graduate
Meet Andrew, a Foundation House Graduate. Andrew spoke to us so he could share his journey at Foundation House in the hopes it will help others.

“Before I came to Foundation House, I had used alcohol and drugs to survive for a long time, and they stopped working. I got to a point in my life where living wasn’t something I wanted to do.”

“I saw people come here on a Wednesday night (at the relapse prevention program) who had been through it, and who had stayed sober. I heard their truth at a gut level, I believed what they were saying, and it gave me the hope that I could do it too. When I am sober, I have a life to live.”

Phil, Foundation House graduate
Meet Phil, a Foundation House Graduate. Phil spoke to us so he could share his journey at Foundation House in the hopes it can help others.

“When I walked into Foundation House, I’d been drinking for about 26 years. I found no reason to get up in the morning. I walked in and I was terrified. At the Wednesday night relapse meeting, I met and heard from real men, hard men, who’d had horrific lives.”

“I remember not being able to breathe, I had tears streaming down my face. One of the men came up to me and said are you all right? I said no. He said: “You will be”. That’s my story. I’ve been coming back here Wednesday nights for the last three-and-a-half years. I don’t remember when I started to smile, and I’ve starting smiling now. My life now is unrecognisable.”

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$20 – Towards the Wednesday night relapse prevention BBQ
$50 – Purchasing books for the library
$100 – Towards a bed 
$250 – Towards a 28 day rehabilitation program for a client
$500 – Towards building a detox centre 
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