Anyone who is interested in rehabilitation services and meets our admission criteria is welcome at Foundation House. We are non-judgemental and we are caring. We have established an Assessment Procedure to help us to work with clients from the outset to identify their drug, alcohol and gambling, health and welfare needs and determine whether the services we provide meet their requirements.

Foundation House currently has an extensive waiting list and, once on the waiting list, we ask you to call in twice a week so we can retain your spot and get you into treatment as soon as possible

Here are the steps that make up our initial Assessment Procedure:
  1. Potential clients wishing to go on the waiting list need to call (02) 9810 3117 Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm. One of our team members will talk through the information that we need to gather in order to determine if Foundation House is the best option for the client.
  2. Clients must phone between 9am & 12 noon Mondays and Thursdays to retain their place on waiting list. Please stay in touch with us! Failure to call will cause your name to be removed from the list.
  3. Clients may be required to provide documentation regarding medications, mental health, Centrelink status and criminal history and forward to us prior to assessment.
  4. Foundation House clients may need to engage in a medically supervised detoxification prior to admission into the program. We can discuss what this involves on the phone.
  5. A face to face assessment is booked in with the client.
  6. A date for admission is then organised for the client.
Foundation House has specific criteria for admission into our programs. These are in place to give clients the support, and safety; they need to succeed in their rehabilitation. This Criteria includes:
  • Clients are required to provide a supervised urine sample within 30 minutes of arriving for admission and provide a supervised breath test upon arrival.
  • Random Urine tests and random breath tests may be taken at any time during the program.
  • A photograph for identification purposes will be taken on admission.
  • Clients must have no pending court cases within the 28 days of the program.
  • Clients must be 3 months separated from incarceration.
  • Clients must be 5 days clean from all substances (except 14 days from Buprenorphine, Methamphetamines and Methadone maintenance programs.)
  • There is to be no taking drugs or alcohol and no gambling while at Foundation House.
  • All groups, assignments and activities are compulsory and you have a responsibility to be on time.
  • Clients are expected to keep the unit clean and share in house cleaning duties.
  • Applicants who give information which is later found to be false or misleading may be subject to discharge after admission.
  • Clients will need to organise their Centrelink benefits prior to admission or be able to meet the required weekly payments.
We have created these processes and criteria to set clients up for the best chance for success and treatment in their program.

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Foundation House interior

Foundation House interior

Foundation House has a flagship 28-day residential rehabilitation program. The program is all about outcomes, working to evidence-based best practice including a 12-step treatment approach. Foundation House is focussed on helping clients to re-establish their life foundations so they can go on to lead productive, happy and fulfilled lives, with the care they need.

The residential program support clients with drug, alcohol and gambling addictions, and is an abstinence based program for both men and women. Foundation House looks at more than just the addiction; we undertake a comprehensive phone, then face-to-face, assessment and tailor a program for the clients’ own needs and circumstances.

Individual treatment plans are created and implemented. Group work, specialise individual counseling, case management and self-help meetings are all central to the program. Foundation House also looks at other issues, such as health and medical related, or mental health related, and can assist clients with referrals to get the treatment they need.

Foundation House takes best-practice treatment methods and combines them with life skills support, social and recovery capital, peer conversations and even family support services. Aftercare and relapse prevention is the next step after the 28 days and we see great outcomes for our clients who stay in touch with the program and keep participating.

Please download this PDF for a detailed look at the Program and timelines.

Foundation House Model of Care PDF Download

 Criteria for Admission
  • Clients will be required to provide a supervised urine sample, within 30 minutes of arriving for admission.
  • Random urine and breath tests may be taken throughout the 28 day stay.
  • A photograph of the client will be taken on admission for identification purposes.
  • No pending court cases within the 28 days.
  • At least 5 days clean from all substances except – 14 days clean for Meth/Amphetamine users/Buprenorphine and Methadone Maintenance Programs.
  • No outside appointments for the duration of the Program.
  • Clients are required to abide by the Program and facility rules whilst in residence.
  • Clients need to make staff aware of any special dietary or medical requirements prior to admission.
  • Clients are required to keep the unit clean and tidy and be an active participant in house cleaning duties.
  • Clients need to be able to read and write English in order to complete the Program.
  • All group assignments and activities are compulsory. Failure to comply or cooperate may result in a client being discharged.
  • Clients are not permitted to make or receive personal calls in the first seven days. Mobile phones are not permitted.
  • Clients are advised to bring only clothes, toiletries and money for phone cards.
  • Clients need to be in receipt of Centrelink benefits or able to meet the required weekly payments.
  • Foundation House does not accept clients under the Inebriate’s Act. Email us at [email protected] for more information.

Foundation House Pre Admission Medication form PDF Download

Foundation House Clients Rights & Responsibilities PDF Download

Juan, Foundation House client.

“I drank for 30 years, I could never stop, there was nothing in the world that could make me stop, until I found Foundation House.“


Foundation House has been operating a range of outpatient drug and alcohol services for many years, as well as drug, alcohol and gambling groups. These services support our clients who are in full-time employment or aren’t otherwise suited for the 28-day residential rehabilitation service.

Available to Health Service Union and construction industry members, these programs provide effective support to clients on an outpatient or group basis to help them engage suitable treatment options, which can include harm minimisation or abstinence.

Foundation House outpatient clients receive a comprehensive assessment, which forms the framework of a personal or individual treatment plan, along with a range of support spanning skills development, referrals, counselling and addiction recovery strategies designed to achieve the clients treatment goals.

In addition, Foundation House has a well-established Problem Gambling Group on a Thursday evening which is open to the public. We ask people attending the group to be alcohol and drug free when attending as clients from the residential program may attend the group.

The group works with clients to identify excessive gambling and associated or underlying problems, and provides support and strategies for the client, such as harm minimisation plans or abstinence.

Dennis, Foundation House client

“Every day I’d say Im not going to drink today, when I cam here I was a broken person, but they taught me how to love myself again and how to respect myself.”

Rehabilitation is life changing and Foundation House has set up relapse prevention support. We know that relapse prevention is the central strength of recovery capital. This is where stories are told, where peers support each other, and it’s the real-life support comes from to connect and improve the health and wellbeing of all participants.

The Foundation House Relapse Prevention Groups create a true sense of community that flows through the home and workplaces for clients, and re-connects them with people when they’re feeling alone. These Groups show that recovery is very possible and create recovery capital.

The Foundation House Relapse Prevention Programs are for clients and ex clients. Groups are held every Wednesday night, starting off with a casual Peer support BBQ dinner, followed by a one hour Relapse Prevention Group that helps clients to develop strategies to deal with issues that may contribute to a relapse. Every Wednesday, a gender specific group is held. .

The Foundation House team highly recommends the relapse prevention groups. It shows, on a real personal level, that a better life is achievable and promotes recovery capital which is essential the improving health and wellbeing.

Relapse Prevention Groups at 6:30pm after BBQ:

Every Wednesday
Men’s Group – various relapse prevention topics
Woman’s Only Group held weekly
Relapse prevention specifically for women
Andrew, Foundation House client.

“…I get a real buzz from helping other people, and watching other people get sober, and stay sober. To see the light come on in their eyes and have the will to live again. Because that’s what happened to me.”

Foundation House’s 28-day Residential Rehabilitation Program is a structured program that is tailored to each client. We provide case management for each client to meet the health and wellbeing needs of each individual to support their current and ongoing recovery and also arrange for healthcare and other referral services if they’re needed.

Over the four weeks of the program, clients will experience one-on-one and group therapy. During the first week, there is a specific Treatment Planning Sessions and the first Case Management Session, which are supported by a range of recreational activities, socialising, a popular Peer Support BBQ, living skills, communication skills, financial literacy and other activities.

The structured program and activities continue over the course of four weeks, tailored to each client, and at the conclusion of the 28-Days, there is a Graduation Ceremony. At this stage, treatment can be extended if needed, or referred to another suitable longer-term service.

Graduation marks the start of a comprehensive aftercare plan that covers work, health, relationships and lifestyle, comes into effect. The team at Foundation House knows how effective peer support, relate prevention support, and family support can be in supporting a clients’ recovery.

Many of our clients continue to attend our weekly Peer Support BBQ and relapse prevention meetings as their roles have changed, and they are now supporting and mentoring newer clients through their recovery and sobriety.

Please download this PDF for a detailed look at the Program and timelines.

Foundation House Model of Care PDF Download

Residential programs

  • Rent (full board) ranges from $230-$300 per week depending on circumstances. Clients need to bring their first week’s rent on the day of their admission
  • Urine analysis fee is $35 and this is payable on the day of admission
  • Clients need to organise Centrelink benefits prior to admission or be able to meet the required weekly payments.
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