Rehabilitation is life changing and Foundation House has set up relapse prevention support. We know that relapse prevention is the central strength of recovery capital. This is where stories are told, where peers support each other, and it’s the real-life support comes from to connect and improve the health and wellbeing of all participants.

The Foundation House Relapse Prevention Groups create a true sense of community that flows through the home and workplaces for clients, and re-connects them with people when they’re feeling alone. These Groups show that recovery is very possible and create recovery capital.

The Foundation House Relapse Prevention Programs are for clients and ex clients only. Groups are held every Wednesday night, starting off with a casual Peer support BBQ dinner, followed by a one hour Relapse Prevention Group that helps clients to develop strategies to deal with issues that may contribute to a relapse. Every Wednesday, a gender specific group is held. .

The Foundation House team highly recommends the relapse prevention groups. It shows, on a real personal level, that a better life is achievable and promotes recovery capital which is essential the improving health and wellbeing.

Relapse Prevention Group at 6:30pm after BBQ.

“…I get a real buzz from helping other people, and watching other people get sober, and stay sober. To see the light come on in their eyes and have the will to live again. Because that’s what happened to me.”

Andrew, Foundation House Client.