Foundation House interior

Foundation House has a flagship 28-day residential rehabilitation program. The program is all about outcomes, working to evidence-based best practice including a 12-step treatment approach. Foundation House is focussed on helping clients to re-establish their life foundations so they can go on to lead productive, happy and fulfilled lives, with the care they need.

The residential program support clients with drug, alcohol and gambling addictions, and is an abstinence based program for both men and women. Foundation House looks at more than just the addiction; we undertake a comprehensive phone, then face-to-face, assessment and tailor a program for the clients’ own needs and circumstances.

Individual treatment plans are created and implemented. Group work, specialised individual counseling, case management and self-help meetings are all central to the program. Foundation House also looks at other issues, such as health and medical related, or mental health related, and can assist clients with referrals to get the treatment they need.

Foundation House takes best-practice treatment methods and combines them with life skills support, social and recovery capital, peer conversations and even family support services. Aftercare and relapse prevention is the next step after the 28 days and we see great outcomes for our clients who stay in touch with the program and keep participating.

Please download this PDF for a detailed look at the Program and timelines.

Foundation House Model of Care PDF Download

Foundation House Clients Rights & Responsibilities PDF Download

Criteria for Admission
  • Clients will be required to provide a supervised urine sample, within 30 minutes of arriving for admission.
  • Random urine and breath tests may be taken throughout the 28 day stay.
  • A photograph of the client will be taken on admission for identification purposes.
  • No pending court cases within the 28 days.
  • At least 5 days clean from all substances except – 14 days clean for Meth/Amphetamine users/Buprenorphine and Methadone Maintenance Programs.
  • No outside appointments for the duration of the Program.
  • Clients are required to abide by the Program and facility rules whilst in residence.
  • Clients need to make staff aware of any special dietary or medical requirements prior to admission.
  • Clients are required to keep the unit clean and tidy and be an active participant in house cleaning duties.
  • Clients need to be able to read and write English in order to complete the Program.
  • All group assignments and activities are compulsory. Failure to comply or cooperate may result in a client being discharged.
  • Clients are not permitted to make or receive personal calls in the first seven days. Mobile phones are not permitted.
  • Clients are advised to bring only clothes, toiletries and money for phone cards.
  • Clients need to be in receipt of Centrelink benefits or able to meet the required weekly payments.
  • Foundation House does not accept clients under the Inebriate’s Act. Email us at [email protected] for more information.

Foundation House Pre Admission Medication form PDF Download

“I drank for 30 years, I could never stop, there was nothing in the world that could make me stop, until I found Foundation House.”

Juan, Foundation House Client.