Foundation House’s 28-day Residential Rehabilitation Program is a structured program that is tailored to each client. We provide case management for each client to meet the health and wellbeing needs of each individual to support their current and ongoing recovery and also arrange for healthcare and other referral services if they’re needed.

Over the four weeks of the program, clients will experience one-on-one and group therapy. During the first week, there is a specific Treatment Planning Sessions and the first Case Management Session, which are supported by a range of recreational activities, socialising, a popular Peer Support BBQ, living skills, communication skills, financial literacy and other activities.

The structured program and activities continue over the course of four weeks, tailored to each client, and at the conclusion of the 28-Days, there is a Graduation Ceremony. At this stage, treatment can be extended if needed, or referred to another suitable longer-term service.

Graduation marks the start of a comprehensive aftercare plan that covers work, health, relationships and lifestyle, comes into effect. The team at Foundation House knows how effective peer support, relate prevention support, and family support can be in supporting a clients’ recovery.

Many of our clients continue to attend our weekly Peer Support BBQ and relapse prevention meetings as their roles have changed, and they are now supporting and mentoring newer clients through their recovery and sobriety.

Please download this PDF for a detailed look at the Program and timelines.

Foundation House Clients Timetable PDF Download