Mental Health and COVID-19

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Looking after your mental health and general wellbeing during the COVID-19 outbreak   There are plenty of feelings of anxiety, worry, concern and sadness that individuals may experience during this time. This is an unprecedented event which may spark these feelings. This is a time to band together – apart. Maintaining social distancing, avoiding large gatherings [...]

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The Holidays Are Here…

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    Christmas and New Years can form critical make or break situations with many people - both in and out of recovery. Family dynamics, arguments, uncomfortable moments and even feelings of loneliness can affect anyone at anytime. But the question is, how do you engage in behaviours that align with who you want to be [...]

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Women’s Health Week

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  Pelvic power, happier hormones, mental wellbeing – those are some of the focal points of this year’s Women’s Health Week (WHW). The first week in September has been dedicated to women’s health since 2013. It was founded by not-for-profit organisation Jean Hailes in a bid to encourage women to put themselves first and to think about their [...]

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Thoughts of addiction from an addict

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© TheBigSmoke.com.au I have some thoughts on being an addict, people’s perception of it, and what you can do for people who are suffering on a daily basis from a disease that actively wants to kill you. I am thirty-six-years-old. On Friday I will have nine months completely sober. That is the longest stretch [...]

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