Katherine’s Story

Katherine's inspiring video of her time at Foundation House. Watch the rest of Katherine's story below and to #SupportYourOwn.

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Phil’s Story and Men’s Health Week

Today marks the second day of Men's Health Week in Australia, but what does this mean? Men's Health Week provides a platform for challenging and debating key issues in men's health and to raise awareness on physical illnesses that may be overlooked. Along with the physical, Men's Health Week encourages men to speak up about mental health, an area that is surrounded by stigma and an unwillingness to talk about. There is a growing number of male suicide in Australia. Males in Australia are more likely to die from suicide rather than skin cancer - yet we know comparatively less about the processes that lead to suicide and how/when to effectively intervene. At Foundation House, we support Men's Health Week. We encourage men to speak up, to talk about what's going on for them. We introduce a man to himself in hopes that one day they can become friends. To kick off Men's Health Week, watch Phil's story below and #SupportYourOwn

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Why exercise is important in treatment of addiction, and why we incorporate it into our daily program.

At Foundation House, we incorporate a morning walk and yoga into our program which is a requirement for clients who enter our facility. Some clients ask why, some don’t ask at all. The reason is surrounding the theory that individuals who engage in regular aerobic exercise may be less likely to relapse and continue with drug-seeking behaviour. We integrate basic fitness into program as a form of meditation in motion. The minor concentration that someone places on the physicality of walking or yoga allows them to experience psychological and emotional benefits of meditation – even on the move. There is a release of endorphins throughout the body when you engage in exercise; related to a similar feeling when using drugs/alcohol/gambling. Research has shown that daily exercise, even for only 30 minutes, can reduce stress significantly over time. A chemical found in the brain (known as Galanin) considerably increases during and after exercise which has been shown to diminish stress-related cravings. "Several studies have shown that, in addition to these benefits, aerobic exercise has been effective in preventing the start, increase and relapse of substance use in a number of categories, including alcohol, nicotine, stimulants and opioids," says Panayotis Thanos, PhD, RIA senior research scientist. "Our work seeks to help identify the underlying neurobiological mechanisms driving these changes." Although we believe minor physical exercise is important to stay clean, it is not the only thing. It can be added to the recovering addict’s toolbox to be used when appropriate. Exercise can become an addiction in [...]

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A Victoria man’s peril-filled journey from drug addiction to recovery

Article taken from TimesColonist Davin Holmes: “You think ‘this isn’t me’ — I hate people who lie, cheat and steal. Everything I hated in someone’s character, I became.” Photograph By ADRIAN LAM, TIMES COLONIST A Victoria plumber who lost everything to drug addiction and both his brothers to drug overdoses told politicians on Monday why therapeutic recovery works. Davin Holmes, 37, at the announcement of a proposed recovery program at the former youth-custody centre in View Royal, said a similar resident program in Nanaimo gave him the tools to change a life of self-destruction into self-development. “I got a message from my daughter last night and she told me that I was the best father a little girl could ever ask for and I have that back in my life thanks to places like this,” said Holmes. “When you pick people up you change the way they see the world and I believe the therapeutic community did that for me.” Holmes, physically fit and employed, is the antithesis of what he was when teenage drinking, smoking weed and ingesting drugs on Sointula, a small village on Malcolm Island, became addiction to opioids in Nanaimo and Courtenay. He limited his drug use to weekends. But at age 28, Holmes tried the opioid percocet. “That was what took me out, for sure,” Holmes said. “That’s where the physical dependence of the drug kind of took over my life.” Holmes moved from percocet to oxycodone to heroin. He started lying to his wife and spending a disproportionate amount [...]

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